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Ruben's Clipper Blade Sharpening

From $7.00  5 blades and up

Fostering Innovation Through Precision Sharpening

Big Animal Sharpening

Big Clipper Sharpening or Repair

On The  Cutting Edge Of Innovation

Big Clipper Repair.


Discover The Sharpening Of The Future 


Efficient Services To Meet The Demands Of Your Blades


Sharpening Services To Meet The Demands Of Your 40 & 50 Blades

Knife Sharpening
 Sharp  Machines n Classes

We sharpen and Repair these tools too

Our testimonials

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We also have clipper repair service, latherking repair , clipper parts, pet blower repair, pet groomers sharpening specials, for all professional brands Andis, Oster, Wahl, etc.

If you are a barber in a #barbershop, #veterinarian or a #hair stylist, then you know the power of good tools. If you do not have good tools then your craft is going to suffer, its simply the truth. Whether you are looking to get your #clipper blades sharpened, a knife sharpened or you are actually looking to purchase a clipper sharpening machine, there is only one place you need to know, is your one stop shop for any and all of your blade sharpening or Pet grooming tools #petshearsharpening and #clipperservicerepair needs. With incredibly high quality services and products such as #clipperbladeblademachines  #SacramentoBarbersupplies #barbersupply storein Sacramento

Barber Supply in Sacramento. there is truly only one place you need to stop for any and all of your clipper needs. Read on to learn more.


There is truly a real art to clipper repair. With such complex machines and mechanisms at work, it is not something that can be repaired by just anyone. At you can be rest assured that a team of highly trained technicians will be employed to sharpen your tools, scissors, or any kind of blade sharpening you may be in need of. The last thing that you want when you are looking for maintenance, or sharpening of your tools is an amateur working on your blades.


With a massive array of services offered to you, SharpeningTech the Barber Supply In Sacramento can help you with #knifesharpening #petdryerrepair, #clipper repair and even your garden tools. In addition to incredible quality services and retail, even offers sharpening classes so you can get started on your own, the right way with professional guidance. With a long list of satisfied clients including barbers, #pet groomers, #hairstylists, #veterinarians, Pet Hospital, #Ranchowners, Hotel management companies and restaurants, SharpeningTech has the tools in place and the manpower necessary to help any customer with any of their repair or #blade sharpening needs.

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